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Why Klasse’?


SEW Much Better …

Sewing machine needles manufactured to a higher standard


Klasse’ are exclusively made and produced by the people at Sewgroup (SGI) whom are an independent group of family owned companies dedicated solely to serving the home sewing industry.

Klasse’ is made for home sewers like you – the only brand of machine needles dedicated solely to the domestic household sewing machines, overlockers and sergers.

Klasse’ is quality focused – produced to the GSN standard which are the highest needle production standards in the world. Klasse’ needles go through 163 quality checkpoints, earning the industry’s highest quality rating for stability at high speeds, seam appearance, clean stitch holes and precise uniform stability. Klasse’ needles are engineered with a specialized process to ensure the straightness of the needle and a smooth needle eye for stable stitching.

Klasse’ is easy to use – colour coded needle shanks system for easy identification for home sewers.

Klasse’ is well packaged – needles are presented in keepsake reusable storage case.

Klasse’ is exceptional value – recently added 20% more needles per retail pack (on selected needle types)

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