Ideal for most woven fabrics, knits and synthetics. The Universal Needle has a slight ball point making it extremely versatile. It works well on most machines and is the most commonly used needle for synthetic woven and natural fibres. The finer needles are generally used on lightweight fabrics and the larger size needles are for medium to heavyweight fabrics. Threads range from 100% cotton and silk to a variety of synthetic and polyester/cotton blends.

Code Type Size Qty / Pack Barcode
AA5100.080 Universal 80/12 6 4895126740024
AA5100.090 Universal 90/14 6 4895126740031
AA5100.075 Universal 75/11 6 4895126740048
AA5100.070 Universal 70/10 6 4895126740055
AA5100.991 Universal Asst Mix 2×60, 2×100, 110, 120 4895126740062
AA5100.T Universal Titanium 75/11 4 4895126740116