The Twin Needle is used for practical and decorative sewing such as pin tucking, seam finishes, topstitching etc. The size of the needle is measured in mm from tip to tip (2mm needle has a 2mm space between the points). Available in many types and sizes. Klasse’ twin needles are uniquely colour coded for easy identification.

Code Type Size Qty / Pack Barcode
AA5150.040 Twin Universal 4.0mm/80 1 4895126740352
AA5150.030 Twin Universal 3.0mm/80 1 4895126740369
AA5150.020 Twin Universal 2.0mm/80 1 4895126740376
AA5150.060 Twin Universal 6.0mm/100 1 4895126740383
AA5150.016 Twin Universal 1.6mm/80 1 4895126740390
AA5155.040 Twin Ball point 4.0mm/80 1 4895126740314
AA5156.040 Twin Stretch 4.0mm/75 1 4895126740321
AA5156.025 Twin Stretch 2.5mm/75 1 4895126740338
AA5153.040 Twin Jeans 4.0mm/100 1 4895126740345
AA5158.030 Twin Embroidery 3.0mm/75 1 4895126740406
AA5158.020 Twin Embroidery 2.0mm/75 1 4895126740413
AA5159.030 Twin Metallic 3.0mm/80 1 4895126740420
AA5159.020 Twin Metallic 2.0mm/80 1 4895126740437